Lois Hintermeister

Born: Huron, SD – 18 Oct 1914

Died: Fulda, MN – 14 Aug 2015

Father: Charles Henry Murray

Mother: Maude Thomas Murray

Spouse: Larry Rode Hintermeister

Mother - Lois Lucille Murray Hintermeister

My Mother was Lois Hintermeister.  I believe there are 88 photos in Lois' photo album. Most are of Lois as she lived her life and a few are the places that she lived.  I have attempted to put them in chronologic order.  I had to guess when some of the photos were taken as few of them had dates or names written on the back of the photos.  I will be doing my best to wrtite a biography for my Mom and post it here in the near future. She had a long life of 100 years and 10 months.

Enjoy the photos and let me know if you have comments about any of them.

Additional photos of Hintermeister/Murray Ancestors:

Lois Hintermeister     Henry Murray     Maude Thomas Murray

Joseph Murray     Caroline Rohkar Murray

William Clinton Thomas     Anna Johnson Thomas

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