Charles Henry Murray

Born: 21 Jan 1884 – Ridott, IL

Died: Balaton, MN – 22 Aug 1958

Father: Joseph Sylvester Murray

Mother: Caroline Rohkar Murray

Spouse: Maude Thomas Murray

Grandfather Charles Henry Murray

My Maternal Grandfather was known as Henry Murray.  There are 35 photos in Henry’s photo album taken of him and the places he lived.  He didn’t leave many photos of himself and died too young at the old of 74. The photos show him growing up in Illinois and moving to South Dakota with his parents in 1910 as a young man of 26.  There he met his future wife, Maude Thomas. They married in 1913 and had two children, Lois and LeRoy.  In late 1937 they moved to Minnesota where he and Maude spent the rest of their lives.  I will enlarge on this bio very soon.

Enjoy the photos and let me know if you have comments about any of them. 

Additional photos of Hintermeister/Murray Ancestors:

Lois Hintermeister     Henry Murray     Maude Thomas Murray

Joseph Murray     Caroline Rohkar Murray

William Clinton Thomas     Anna Johnson Thomas

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